Thursday, July 29, 2010

What do we have now?

This is what we look like all the time in the car now

Yesterday we went to see Aunt Lacey and go swimming! It was so much fun. Carter loved her community swimming pool and they had a splash park attached to it and that was fun too.

This morning we woke up with a slight fever and what I think might be an ear infection. Can you still get ear infections with tubes in your ears? He has been messing with his left ear and this seems all to familiar. So needless to say we are off to the doctor today at 4:30 to get him checked out. So today I am spending some time cleaning the house and then holding Carter a lot!!
We will see what the doctor says but hopefully he won't be to sick.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Disney World gone mad!!!!!!!!

WOW!!! We had a great time in Disney World and are finally back home. I was hoping to be able to post while we were gone but did not have Internet connection. Carter did way better then I had expected. He was awesome on the long 20 hour car ride both ways. Driving at night was what really saved us. He was able to sleep most of the way which saved us from having to entertain him for such a long ride. His very first ride was Haunted Mansion! He never cried on any of the rides and loved them all but his favorite was by far It's A Small World. He laughed and clapped the whole time we were on that ride. If the line had not been forever long we would have taken him on it again. Ryan and I enjoyed this trip more than any other time we have been to Disney mainly because we were able to see his little face light up throughout the whole trip. We know that he won't remember this time but we will and we will have lots and lots of pictures to prove how excited he was.

Here are some pictures of Carter's first time to Disney!

Eating at rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney

Taking in the wonders that are Disney!

Look Mommy I am sitting in my own seat like a big boy!

Is it time to go in the pool yet?


Silly boys!

Having a Blast

We love Disney!

This picture says it all!