Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is it March yet?

• I would like to start this blog out by stating and asking….. WHERE OH WHERE DID THE SPELL CHECK ON BLOGGER GO???? There are a lot of things I would say I am good at but spelling NOT my forte.(see I don’t even know if I spelled that word correctly) Can anyone tell me where it went? How do I get it back? Anyone ….. Anyone…….

So on to the real post. Since Valentine’s Day is NOT our holiday I have been eagerly waiting for March to come because March is Spring Break month. A year ago this March we booked our first soon to be parents only vacation. We booked it so far in advance that we got a 7 day cruise for under 1,000. Carter was not born yet but we knew by the next March we would need a parent’s only vacation and could not think of a better way to go. So I am ready for March 14th to come really soon so we can kiss Carter boy goodbye leaving him with 3 wonderful sets of Grandparents who will shuttle him to and from each other’s house and embark out into the Caribbean. First off to Montego Bay then sail into Grand Cayman and last Cozumel.

For this I shall need some new summer dresses to where while we are gone. Any suggestions on where to go? Cheap is what I am looking for but still cute! I am thinking of doing Mystic Tanning before we leave as well so I don’t get burnt while sunbathing or scare off the others passengers. Compared to Ryan I look as white as the snow we had last week.

I can hardly wait to even start packing this is how excited I am. Don’t get me wrong I am going to cry probably at least once a day when I think of Carter but Ryan has promised he will buy me a calling card each time we dock to call and check in. I know he will be in great hands which is the real reason I am ok with still going. You see I did not know when we booked this cruise before Carter was born how attached I would be to him. I knew I would love him but I can honestly say I fall in love more each day with him.
He just makes my heart smile!!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Ok........... I know you guys are all wondering what happen on 2010 Valentine's Day.......


Yep thats right another V-day came and went and we never really even saw each other because I was in the bathroom or the bed all day and poor Ryan was out in the living room with Carter. Lucky for him our friend Amy is staying with us right now and helped out when he needed to come and check on me. It was horrible! He even called my mom over because I could not even hold down water. We thought we were in the clear at about 8pm last night I was feeling a little better(it had been a long 24 hours) and he washed the sheets and lysoled the room.

But NO we were not! Ryan started getting sick at midnight last night so he stayed home from work today which he never does and he laid up in bed while Carter and I are playing in the living room.

Maybe Next year!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Show us your life.... Valentines Day

Over at Kelly's Korner it is Show us your life Valentines Day! Posting about Valentines Day for me is funny! This year will be Ryan and I's 4th Valentines Day together and let me just tell you blog world..... Valentines Day is NOT our holiday. So instead of telling you all about the mushy things we do for Valentines I will tell you why it is NOT our holiday.

  • V-Day 2007: Our very first Valentines Day. How did we spend it you might ask. With Ryan laid up in his bed at his grandmothers house with Pneumonia . What started out as a missed diagnosed case of bronchitis turned into pneumonia. So after being taking to the hospital and getting some medicine that pretty much made him not remember the rest of the week or where he was this was how we spent our very first Valentines Day. ( side note: 1 month later on March 14th Ryan asked me to marry him)
  • V- Day 2008: Our second Valentines Day. I really was looking forward to recreating our first Valentine’s day and making it great. But Cupid was nowhere in site this year either. The day before the big day I spent the whole day in the doctor’s office with what else but BRONCHITIS! Strike number 2
  • V-Day 2009:Three strikes and you’re out! 7 months pregnant….. morning sickness everyday of the pregnancy……Gallbladder stopped working at the 4 month mark and was removed 8 weeks after delivery = Valentine’s Day is not our holiday!
  • V-Day 2010: I am sure you are wondering if we are even attempting to do anything. Our plan right now is to go to PF-Changs for dinner with our 9 month old. We have never been there and did not want to plan on doing anything huge since we knew it would not work out. I will fill you in later on if that works out.

    On a good note Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the cards for us! Saving that for another blog day! Come back to hear all about it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowed in!

For the first time ever in Dallas we had 14 inches of snow in 24 hours! This is the most snow I have ever seen in my life! Who would have thought that Carter would have his First Christmas be a white one and then at almost 10 months old see more snow then his mommy ever has. We got the day off from School/Work today so we put 3 layers of clothes on Mr. Carter and went out to see what he thought of the snow. He did really well for the first 5 minutes or so and then he was done. Who can blame him I mean he was born in Texas where the most snow we ever get does not usually even stick to the ground. I made my very first snow angle ever today. Here are all the places I have been in my life where I should have seen this much snow but of course when I was there NOTHING! NO SNOW really fell: Alaska, New York more than one time, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Yep all the places I have gone and the snow man did not want to come out and play while I was in town.

After the photo shoot in the snow I was on a roll and went through all my pictures on my computer and organized them into months since Carter was born. I think I will do this until he is about 2 then just organize them by year. What do you think? I am on the hunt for a new camera as well. Mine is good but it takes FOREVER to take the picture and he is usually not smiling anymore. I want a Cannon that you just push and it takes. Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Here is Carter boy bright and early Friday morning ready to go back for his tubes. We had to be there at 5:40am so lets just say he was the only bright eyed one in the bunch. He did great! Way better than Mommy did. I was a wreck the whole time. The doctor came in and told us there was tons and tons and tons of fluid so it took a little longer than normal. There was some bleeding after but we stayed and waited until it was gone and then we were on our way home. He took two long naps but other than that had a good day. One of our friends and her husbands made us dinner and brought it to us that night. What a blessing it is to have good friends.

Saturday: We hung around the house cleaning and letting Carter have a little more recovery time. Then it was time for Game Night! It was so much fun and as you can see we even got some of our friends to help us finish some much needed work in Carter's room.
Holly, Jared and Rodney finishing Carter's name for me! Great friends

The finished Project!

Carter even waited up for Lacey. She brought him his very first Valentine's Day gift. I guess that makes her his Valentine

Sunday: We went to Sunday school and church and Carter did get in the nursery as usual. Sunday School was great today and Ryan and I even had a wonderful conversation about it on the way to lunch with my family. Carter did not have a nap all day so we had to bail on the Super bowl party when he started running a little fever. I think it was because of having a busy morning and still needing some recovery time.

That is the Harrison weekend wrap-up! Hope everyone had a great weekend. What are you going to do for your babies for Valentines day? I am in need of some suggestions.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tubes for Carter Boy

Today my mom and I went and took Carter to the ENT beacuse he has had so many ear issues in his short little life. I thought we would go and meet with the doctor and kinda play a wait and see game. Boy was I wrong............ Tomorrow morning at 5:40am Carter will get tubes put in both of his little ears.

I know that this is a normal thing and tons of babies and little kids have this done....... but the thought still scares me and so I ask you blog world out there- Please say a prayer for my little boy tomorrow and let God lay his hand over him and heal is body so we can move past this and get our little boy well. Also, while you are lifting Carter up I wish that you would also be with all of the other babies and kids that will be having surgery tomorrow all over the world that God will also be with them and their familes.

I will check back in with you all bright and early!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Simple Pleasures...........

Kelly’s Korner one of my fav blogs to read is doing a blog Simple Pleasures. A simple pleasure is something that is special to you and makes your heart smile ( my new favorite saying) I thought this was a great post so here I am to share with you the BLOG world my simple pleasures……..

My number 1 is saying prayers with Carter at night before I lay him down to go to bed. I have done this since the first night we brought him home. I always start with the same thing…” Lord please watch over Carter tonight and wake him in the morning light” then I go into specifics that I want to pray about. I hold him tight and give him 3 kisses when I am done and lay him down for the night (hopefully he won’t need to wake up to eat)

The rest are in no particular order……………

the smell of rain

the smell of fresh cut grass

the last 10 min of any great show (the anticipation of the preview for the next week just gets me every time)

comments left on my BLOG

a card in the mail for me


a GREAT hair day

getting a text from my husband that says I love you and nothing else

seeing the face of Carter when I come to pick him up from the babysitters (wishing I could be a stay at home mom)


finding money in purses or jackets or pants or really just finding money

phone calls from friends you have not heard from in a while

looking at the alarm and thinking yes 2 more hours of sleep


I could probably go on and on but that should do for now!