Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is our Christmas Tree!

1 Year since we got Married!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quick update until later....

Hi all! I just wanted to give you all a fast update on what has been going on. Ryan and I went to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and had a great time at the Hyatt Regency downtown. We went to dinner at Chamberlains and that was super yummy!!!! I will post the pics this Sunday!

Carter has started moving A LOT! It has been super crazy! Fun except when I am trying to sleep. We go for our 6 month check up Monday so more to come on that.

Yesterday was very icy and I ended up slipping and falling. I was having a lot of cramping so Ryan came to work and picked me up and we went to go get checked out. Praise God everything was ok!!!! They said everything was normal after a fall. Some bruising and discomfort but besides that I am feeling much better.

This weekend we are going to have Christmas with Ryan's Family in Temple :) We are excited to get away and spend some time with family! Much more to come on that.......

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby on the brain

I am just so excited about Carter's arrival! We both just can not wait! I bought him some outfits on the biggest shopping day of the year and it was so much fun. We went to dinner with Stephanie, Ryan's sister and the family last night and it was so much fun watching her son. He is just so cute and just LOVES his mommy. I am looking forward to having that with Carter. Every day I get more and more excited about him.

Ryan wants to do his room in Peter Pan...... I just want to do it in two colors. So this is what we will be discussing for the next few weeks. That is until I just go buy the paint. :)

Hope that you are all had a wonderful Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carter Keith Harrison

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we were a little shocked BUT we are really excitied and look forward to Carter's arrival!

Off to look at baby bedding :)

Boy or Girl

Today is the day! (hopefully ) Ryan and I tried really hard to talk to the baby and tell it that it was time to uncross it's legs! Hopefully it is not stubborn like me and we will be able to find out! More to come later!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Off to Waco!

Playoff Game #2! I am so torn. If they win A. Ryan never comes home because he is still working. B. I have to make another trip out of town and back for a football game. C. RYAN IS NEVER HOME!!!! D. Ryan is happy and football goes on. So do I want them to win or not? I have no clue. Off to Waco I go! Oh and by the way it is going to be FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

BLOG HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in need of some help! I am trying to fix a friend of mine's blog page and I am having trouble getting the middle of the page to not be WHITE! I went and added the Gadget to HTML the background from cutest blogs is animal print on the sides and pink in the middle BUT the animal print shows up and the pink does not! CAN YOU HELP! If you need to see it go and click on Diane on my page under friends. Could it have anything to do with Minima your template? I don't know what that means but I have seen it a lot when looking for blogs.

Please any advice would be so helpful!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

baby Harrison

Yesterday we went to find out what the baby is!!!!!!! Guess what?! THEY COULD NOT TELL! I was so bummed. The baby was sitting on its legs and all you could see were the feet. We tried everything. The doctor was pounding on my tummy so hard I thought he had to be hurting the baby which he assured me he was not. But still nothing!!!!!!! I am to the point where I really don't care what it is as long as A. We have a healthy baby and B. We can JUST find out! Honestly though I would really like a girl first. My mom has always wanted a granddaughter and Ryan has said from the very beginning how much fun it would be to have a little girl. I am going to be excited and happy either way boy or girl! I really just hate it when people lately have been saying oh you are going to have this or I hope that you have this. For real people I am very hormonal right now and even if you are just joking it still hurts my feelings :(

On a lighter note I have a friend who I am almost done updating her webpage for her and adding cuteness to her site!!!! I will give you the page when I am done so you can check it out.

I am also in need of some prayers. I am having a hard time right now and can not go into detail much about it because I don't know that only my friends are reading this. Please please just pray for me in general and also for people out there who are just mean and cruel.

love to all

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Birthday Surprise!

This week has been crazy busy and I have not even had time to fill everyone in on last weekend! Sorry!

Last Saturday on my birthday Ryan surprised me and took me to the Renaissance Hotel downtown for the night! They delivered Happy Birthday balloons to my room and everything. We stayed on the 27th floor and one side of the room was all windows to overlook downtown! We got all dressed up and went to Bob's Steakhouse for dinner which was awesome! The only downer was we came back to watch the Longhorns loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say Ryan was very upset and I felt bad for the other people that could hear him screaming at the horns!

I will post pics asap! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Pray for Monday please that is find out what the baby is day!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Almost my birthday!

It is almost my birthday and I can not wait!!!!!!!! Ryan has something planned but he won't tell me what is going on :) All I know is that I need a bag and I need a dress and night night clothes and stuff for the next day! I just can't wait. I am so excitied!

I can't wait to see all of you guys pictures from tonight. I know that they are going to be stinkin cute!

Jill- I saw on Linds' page that you were talking about Carmel Apple cider from Starbucks and when I went there the other day they had made an extra one and asked if I wanted to try it. It is now my most fav drink!!!!!!! Thanks :)

Have a great HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

2nd Trimester

It is offical we are now in the second trimester. While I am feeling better I am now ready to know for sure what the baby is!!!!!!!!! I just can not wait. We go back on November 10th so say a prayer for us that day. Things are going better. I am not as sick as I have been. I am able to eat a little more now without feeling blah afterwards. I am just soooooo tired! I don't ever think that I have been more tired in my whole life. Ryan does not get it either! He is like hello it is 8 and you are going to sleep! I just can not seem to get enough sleep. Did any of you feel this way?

Friday, October 10, 2008

What a day

I have decided that when God puts you to a test he just can throw everything at you at once to see how you do! Yesterday and today have not been great work days for me. I seem to have made tons of people upset without even knowing it and have been tested on who I am. I am not sure what I am supposed to get out of this but I know it must be something because it just keeps happening and I just keep telling God "ok I know that you are trying to teach me something but could you just cut me a little break!" I am just not sure how to handle all of the emotions that people being upset at you brings. I know that you can not always make everyone happy but right now it seems that when it comes to work I can not make anyone happy!!!!!!

Any suggestions would be so wonderful!!! I am tired and don't want to cry anymore :(

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today was the best that I have felt since we found out about the baby! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I don't think that I have even told GOD how thankful I am enough today. Life for today was normal and then I thought on no what if something is wrong. I should be sick today! I should be wanting to pull my hair out and tell my friends they never want to do this!!!!! So lets just say though I feel wonderful today I worried a lot that it was a bad sign. Sometimes I just want to tell my mind to SHUT UP!!!!!!

The lord blessed me so much yesterday! He gave me a mentor at work. Yes that is right! I came home and was so excited that I made Ryan listen to my entire day because it was the first day since the beginning of school that I wanted to stay late at school and come early. She has taken me under he wing in the administration field and is going to mold me into what "they" are looking for. It is going to be tons of work on my part but will be worth it. I will be working(volunteering) on the weekends and by the weekends I mean at 7am BUT it will pay off in the long run!!!

I hope that the LORD blesses you or is blessing you all right now! Even if I only talk to you on here I want for you to know that I think and pray for you often and I am so thankful that you are in my life!!!!!!!! Each and everyone of you has touched my heart in some way and left footprints on my soul!

Praise GOD!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting better

Things are getting better! I am still sick but hopefully God will bless me with no more sickness here soon. I am now in my 9th week so "they" say things should be starting to look up from here. I hope you all are having a great weekend! I wish it would just turn to Fall!!!!! I am so ready for some cool weather and pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about you guys?

Monday, September 15, 2008

So sick!


Advice I am in need of advice!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We're havin a BABY!

So the time has come now that we have told our family that we can tell everyone WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!! I know I know! With what the doctors told us was a 15% chance of getting pregnant right now we feel the lord's hands all over this baby. SO this is the good news :) Here is the bad news :(

I have never been so sick in my life. I don't take off of work I just don't do it and today I had to take a half day because I could not stop getting sick at work. I have my first visit with the best DR. ever tomorrow so I am looking forward to maybe having him make me feel a little better. I think that I have every symptom that a pregnant woman has. Everything I read or hear about I have. I just keep telling myself and poor poor Ryan that this is well worth it. Speaking of Ryan I could not have been blessed with a better husband for me. Now I know that there are several wonderful husbands out there and recently I have heard and seen tons but Ryan was made to by mine! Each night when we pray I pray for him to not understand what I am going through but to have compassion and patience with me right now. I feel like I always need something, I am hurting somewhere, or I just need to let him know that once again I am not feeling well. He is so great with his answers and doing what he knows will be worth some major pay back later on in life!

"They" say that it will get better after moth 3 which means I have 1 more month to go but whoever THEY is..... is so not my friend right now!

Please pray about my sickness right now and for the health of our baby. We would really appreciate it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

It's Labor Day and here I sit alone at home with the dogs! Ryan of course had Football today so that means work almost all day. I tried the whole it's Labor Day which I think should mean DAY OF NO LABOR but he did not buy it. I awoke this morning thinking about our new mattress that we bought yesterday and will be delivered today. I can not wait. We got an awesome deal and finally made the purchase. We have been looking for a while but this deal was just to good to pass up. We got a new bed set when we got married but got a hand me down (very appreciated) mattress from Ryan's sister so this is going to be our first mattress together. How funny does that sound:)

Work last week was really hectic and did not leave much time to post but let me recap on what happen:

1. My wallet got stolen and they took only my credit cards or debit cards, driver licence, and rewards AMC movie card (thinking it was a gift card I am sure)
2. I freaked out because they knew where I lived and made sure to set the alarm every day now
3. I have been staying up till all hours of the night waiting for Ryan to get home from Football so I can finally go to sleep since I fear the person who has my stuff will break in.
4. School is so long mainly because of the lack of sleep.
5. AND FINA LY...... I got a letter in the mail on Saturday from the Mesquite Police saying that they had all my things. and I could come and get them. WHAT MESQUITE I never even go anywhere near there so this should be a good story when I hear how they got them.

So this is a short recap of my life last week crazy as it is! More to come.......

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to work

Today was my first day back to work from summer! While I was ready to get back into the swing of things and have a schedule everyday, I was still sad when I had to get up at 6:30am and get ready to go to work. Blah blah meetings blah blah work in classroom that is all I did ALL DAY LONG! It will get better!

SOOOOO..... I did it! I cut my hair today! I was so nervous all day about it. I took a picture of what I wanted and while Lauren my hair lady is AWESOME she cut it shorter than I wanted. YIKES! I know it is hair and it will grow but I am not used to it for it is gone now. When I get it styled the way I hope to I will post a pic and you can see what I am talking about. Ryan has not seen it yet because he is at the movies with his nephew so I am not excited to see what he thinks! I don't think he is going to like it very much :(

Well tomorrow is Amy's birthday and since Bob is now away on tour for the Army I am going to take her out all day shopping and then Ryan and I will take her to dinner. Where she is refusing to get sung to so I guess she will just have to listen to the two of us sing. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mama Mia!

So I went and saw Mama Mia tonight and I just fell in love with this movie! I even HAD to go and buy the CD at Target right after the movie!!!! Dork I know but it was so good. Ryan went to bed early tonight because he started coaching and had to go to work at 6am this morning. So with that news I was off to a girl movie with Amy.

I am in need of prayers tonight my friends...... I am really feeling down about the whole pregnancy thing in general. I know that God is in control and he will help my body heal and be able to bless our family with a baby but for some reason tonight has been rough with the thought of more months and no positive results. Please pray for me I would really appreciate it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Back home!!!

We are back and had such a great time with the Colston's on our vacation! I am trying to upload some pictures but they are all on Ryan's computer and I am having a hard time getting them on here so I will work on that tomorrow. I recommend that every one go to Disney World at least once in their life. It is perfect for all ages.

Tonight we had Ryan's friend Terry over and my friend Amy. No we did not plan it as a hook up Amy is married to Bob Colston who we went on vacation with. She comes over every Wednesday or Thursday night to watch So you think you can dance with me. I just can't believe that it is going to be over tomorrow night. I love watching that show and don't want to wait until next season!!!!! If you watch I would love to know who you think will win. I just can't decide they are all so good. But I think Katee and Josh have the upper hand. What about you?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!

Today Ryan and I along with our great friends Bob and Amy are leaving to go to DISNEY WORLD! We will be back on July 30th. I am so excited to go on vacation and even more excited to go with our friends!

One of my best friends Katie is off to the Virgin Islands today to get married!!!!!! I am so glad that she has found a wonderful guy and wish them all the best! CONGRATS KATIE AND SCOTT!

While talking to my friend Tana today I had forgot just how much I miss seeing my friends everyday at work. Our first day back to work is August 15th and I just can't wait to see everyone. I know that this year is going to be a trying year but I am going into it positive and know that God is in control.

Please send some prayers out to my family and also to all those going through trying times in their health and welfare of their families. One of my friends that I grew up with in church is going through a very rough time right now and I would really appreciate all of you out there to say a prayer for her and her family. Her name is Lindsay. thank you


Monday, July 21, 2008

Our House!

I decided to add some picture of our first home after getting asked to. So here are a few that I have on the camera and I will take some more tonight and add them tomorrow.

This is our Formal Dining room! I painted the room last summer. I could not get the lighting to work for me in this picture.

This is in our entry way of the house!

These are some picture of the kitchen! I painted this last summer too!

Our new mantel thanks to my Dad

Living Room

This Painting leads into our bedroom! More picture to come later!!!!

1 more Day until DISNEY WORLD!!!

Yesterday was a crazy day! My medicine that I have been taking for PCOS made me really not feel well yesterday morning but thankfully to my wonderful husband I was able to rest a little before the shower and he took care of the last minute things that needed to be done!!!

Here is a picture of Karen with the beautiful cake!

Yeah Baby Karley! She will be here sometime around October 1, 2008!

It was great to see some old friends and catch up! After the shower Ryan, Karen, Micah, their son Mark and I went to hang out at their house and I even got to give Mark a bath. Mark is a great one year old. I tell Karen to count her blessings all the time and pray that Karley is as great as Mark is. Oh I can't wait until the day we are blessed with a little one :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Relaxing Day!

Today was a day of relaxation! I well needed day for both Ryan and I. We just hung around and watched some movies and went to my mom's house to say goodbye to my family before they head on a two week vacation with all my mom's sisters and their families. We wanted so badly to go but had already made plans to go to DISNEY WORLD in FLORIDA with our good friends Bob and Amy! So while we were bummed we could not go on vacation with my family we are sooo excitied to be spending a vacation with Bob and Amy in Florida! They are wonderful friends of ours and are so lucky have them in our lives.

Last night was great! I suggest everyone go on a date night sometime soon it makes you really apprecaite the person you have in your life. I was going to take a picture at dinner but Ryan was all out of sorts with me asking the waitress to take our picture :)

Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day for me. I am throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends. Karen "Ritter" Mashburn at my house. So with cooking and cleaning and entertaining I should be ready to pass out sometime around 6pm! She is having a little girl and her name will be Karley!!! Yeah!

Me and Karen at one of my showers for the wedding!

Friday, July 18, 2008

After several hours.......

I am so happy to say that after several hours of trying to add the new header to my blog it is DONE!!!! Although it is off center which I will just have to live with :) What do you guys think? Should I change the background now to be a little more plain?

So tonight is date night!!!!!!! I have been messing with this all day and really need to get off here and go clean up and get ready.

Let me know what you think about the layout!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stating a small business

My friend Tiffany and her mom and I are going to set up a booth at Canton Trade Days starting in September! Oh yes I know BIG STEP!!! But we all three have such great ideas and really want to do this. We are going to try it out month by month and we have agreed to do it for at least 3 months before we give it up. Hopefully it will be successful and we will continue to do it for a long time. It is going to be called............... " Button Nose and Piggy Toes"
Right now I am trying to get a Tax ID number so if you have any idea how to do that PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! I will post pics of our stuff soon!

Today we stop being parents to Ryan's sister Leslie's two little boys. It has been so much fun but Oh my goodness I am so tired!!!! I never knew that two little creatures could be soooo hungry all the time! I felt like I was constantly making them something to eat. But boy are they entertaining and fun to be with. I told Ryan today that things are going to be so quiet tonight when they go home. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Tonight we are going to hang out just the two of us! :) We have not been able to do that since Friday and we are in need of some time for us. I wonder how we will work that in when we have kids? I guess we will think about that when we get there. To all you parents out there.... Call if you want a night out I feel for you and would love to help!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back Home!!

I just got back home after what seems like forever! I went to Houston for one of my best friends Bachlorette parties on Saturday. It was so great seeing everyone and just getting to feel normal for a while. No Dr. Appointments or blood getting taken. We had a great time just hanging out and catching up! Katie looked great I will post picture later when I figure out how.

When I got back on Sunday I had to go to my Aunts house in South Lake to babysit her three kids. Allie is the oldest she is about to turn 8 and then she has twins Katie and Max who are 3. We had a good time Ryan came out on Monday and stayed with me and then he had to go back Tuesday morning at 6am. Katie has been sleeping through the night but of course when I come to stay she wakes up!!!! It was not so bad good experience :)

So an update on medical ME. Things are better I am getting more used to the whole thing in general. For those who are lost I found out a week ago that I have poly cystic ovarian Disease. So in short it won't be easy for me to have kids and I am freaking out about that.

Please pray for me and Ryan we are under a lot of stress right now and could use the happy thoughts!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Working on the Blog

So since I have started trying to start blogging I have had the hardest time changing my template into somthing cute like a lot of the other ones I have seen!!!! I have copied and pasted them a million times and I just keep getting an error message!!!!! If any of you have anything that will hlep me I would love to know about it.

I am feeling better since surgery (for those who don't know I had to have surgery last week) I still can not eat very much of anything and I get tired easy but I am not in much pain anymore so YEAH!!!!!

Please pray for a healthy recovery and to ease my mind on all the things that come with the surgery.

We are going to the Ranger game tonight with Ryan's family and have GREAT seats so that should be fun!!!!!

Have a great night :)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

4th of July!!!!

This is our first blog and might I say it took me a while to figure out what to say. We are done teaching summer school!!!!! Well at least I am for good and Ryan still has to finish up one more semester but I AM DONE!!!!
We are off to Ryan's family lake house until Sunday! I love going out there!

I am trying to change our template but keep getting an error message whenever I save it. It was really annoying me. I will work more on it when we get back on Sunday. If you have any suggestions let me know.