Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surgery Day

Carter did so well at the surgery appointment. He did not freak out until we went back to the pre-op room and he saw the big bed. I climb in the bed with him to calm him down and then the nurse brought us the loopy meds. She tried to give them to him but there was no way he was going to take it from her so I said I would try. I told him to lay on the pillow and just did what any mom would have to get her child to take the yucky meds that burned his throat, I bribed him. I squeezed his cheeks and opened his mouth and down those meds went. Then I of course gave him the stickers I had promised. I was worried at first that the part he had spit out would make the meds not work, but I was wrong. Within 10 min. he was a whole new kid. He was talking about wanting to go swimming and playing in the dirt. They told him he would be going for a ride in the big bed and he went like a good boy. He looked back to see if I was there only once. I could see the operating room when I walked by and cried just a little.

It took about 45 min and he was done! They took a picture of his tonsils next to a large sized safety pin to show me how bad they were. I was glad we did it once I saw those huge tonsils. He had some issues with his tummy once he woke up so we stayed a little bit longer than normal.
Once we got home he just wanted me to hold him so we snuggled in mommy's bed and watched cartoons for the rest of the day. Day 1 and 2 are supposed to be the best days because the scabs have not started forming yet. 3-7 are said to be the much harder! Tomorrow should be  interesting with it being day 3.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Day Tomorrow

We got a call today that Carter's tonsil surgery would need to moved up because our doctor was going to have to go out of town at the end of July for a few weeks. Normally this would not be a big deal move it up to end middle of July. However, this year will be Carter's first year to take swim lessons and there was no way I was going to cancel that. So, go figure the only other time he can do it is tomorrow. My "OCDness" kicked in right away and I was freaking because I did not have anything ready! I had this big plan to shop for just the right foods, get a few new toys to keep him entertained at the hospital and hello prepare him for the idea of going to the hospital and having the doctor look at him. He is not the biggest fan of the doctor. Who could blame him! We go to the doctor a least once a week for Collins right now and he sees all the poking and prodding that goes on there.

So I decided that we would go to see Grandma Niece and go swimming and then come home and make brownies that are super gooey so maybe he can eat them after surgery. I am hopeful that this all goes well tomorrow. The only experience I have with getting tonsils out was mine at 26 and it was the worst thing I have ever gone through.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A 3 year old and a 3 month old

 It's about right that this post goes up when Collins should be 3 months old! Both of the boys were born on the 20th of the month and lucky for me when Carter turned 3 Collins turned 3 months. It was a day of 3's in our house.

Carter you are 3 years old now....

Things you love:

  • Pizza
  • Orange Juice
  • Playing outside
  • The dirt
  • Swimming! you are a fish
  • Your family
  • Going to Church
  • Weston, Peyton and Pierce are your best buds
  • Cleaning!
You have had a lot of changes in your life this year. We moved from your first house and lived with Grammie for 6 months, you moved to your toddler bed and your big boy full sized bed, we moved into our new home, mommy had a baby in her tummy, you got potty trained, AND you got a little brother! WHEW you had a busy year from 2-3.
You are all boy! You love the dirt, getting sweaty, and playing outside. You have a huge heart and are so kind. You are the most helpful little boy I have ever known. You amaze us everyday with your memory. We can never get anything by you. We are so blessed to be your parents!

We love you Carter Keith

Collins you are 3 months old...

You weigh in at 6.5 pounds now big boy. You sure have come a long way! You are on new formula now that we had to get a prescription for. It has really made a huge difference for you. You are not fussy anymore and you eat a whole lot more. You are still having reflux issues but we are hoping you will like the new medicine and this will pass too.

You are such a great sleeper. You go down at 7:30pm and sleep until around 5am. You have a very sweet sprit. You love to look around and see what is going on around you. We took you for your check up at the eye doctor and you can see now!
You stay awake a lot more these days, but you still sleep more than a normal 3 month old. You love your swing and your bouncy chair. You still sleep in your nap nanny chair for naps and at night time. We will continue this until we get your reflux under control.

We are so blessed to have spent these past 3 months getting to know you. We could not imagine life without you and love seeing you grow.

Collins 3 months                                  Carter 3 months
I can't believe how much my boys look alike.

We love you both so much!