Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Months Old

Carter is 2 months old!!!!!!!!

What is going on in Carter's world?!

  • Weight- 9pounds 3 ounces (Carter is working on gaining weight and Mommy is working on loosing it - You are between 5 and 10% but we are going to fatten you up
  • Length- 22 inches long and growing 20-25 %
  • graduating to size 1 diapers was a big deal to us
  • You are still wearing newborn outfits but your length is getting to make you need to move up to 0-3 months. Pretty much you wear both sizes
  • Your eyes are still blue so we are thinking that they will be like Mommy's eyes
  • You don't have any hair (still!)
  • Your bedtime is anywhere from 9:00 -9:30pm and you are sleeping through the night until anywhere from 5:30-7:00am
  • You are eating 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours except for when you are asleep at night time
  • You love to lay on your mats and look around at what is going on. I like to say you are people watching like your mommy and her friends :)
  • You can lay on your tummy and push up with your arms now and you look around like you want us to watch you
  • You roll on your side everynow and then
  • You hold your head up every chance you get
  • You love the car and the new toys you have in your car seat
  • You are starting make noises at us and love to hear yourself coo and ahhhhh
  • You love to be outside and doing things
  • You are lasting longer doing your own thing like the swing and the bouncy chair( this lets Mommy get some things done)
  • You have made it into your CRIB!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you and Daddy is so proud of Mommy for letting you sleep in your own room. ( I still watch you on the Video monitor)
  • You have started to notice who Mommy and Daddy are and we could not be happier!


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

6 weeks and counting!

Carter was 6 weeks old on Monday! He has already grown so much in the past 6 weeks and is getting to be a big boy. He sleeps at night from about 9:30- 5:00am and then has some food and then will usually go back to sleep until about 7:30. This is so great for us!!! Today he took his first nap in his crib. He did pretty well. He was in there for about 30 min and then woke up so I swaddled him and put him back in for about 20 min and then he was ready to be in the living room with me. I have learned that he loves the sound of water and nature sounds so I started having him take his naps with noises like this and he sleeps pretty well.

I am wanting to work his way in his crib for night time as well but he (I ) am just not there yet :)

He has been sick this past two weeks and I have had to clean his nose out everytime he eats to make him not get sick to his tummy. I never knew how hard it would be to see your child sick until now.

Any tips on the transition into cribs would be great!