Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poor Baby Carter

Poor Carter has a double ear infection and throat infection! Lucky for him he has a mommy who just seems to always know when he is sick and took him to the acute kids this weekend to get him checked out. I left there crying thinking what if I would have taken him sooner.

Still we had an ok weekend full of cleaning the house and Carter played in the kitchen for the first time with a spoon and pan!!! He had way more fun than I thought he would!

So a question I have for all you mommys out there.......
When did you start putting a blanket in the crib with your baby? What about a pillow? The doctor this weekend said to put a little pillow in there with him to help with his nose. What do you all think?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where have you been you might ask!

For all 3 people wondering where we have been and why we have not posted in a month here is the answer!

1. Carter has finally been dismissed from having testing done this month and we were very busy with getting test results and hearing wonderful news!!!!
2. Football season ended and Ryan was home way more and we catching up on lost family time!
3. Work has been very busy with the semester ending for my 5th graders!

But don't worry my faithful 3 readers out there we are back and ready to catch you up with some great pictures and keep this blog rolling!