Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun day with family and friends!

Today Carter and I got to hang out with one of my best friends Kambrie! I brought my camera and still forgot to take a picture of her and Carter so here is one from a shower I had. I guess that counts right? Then we went to go and see my mom (Grandma Neice) and Carter was able to show off his new trick. He has found his feet! I really never knew how excited things like this would be to me!
If you have never heard of it here is a little about it! It is a flameless candle that uses a light bulb to burn the wax. You can replace the wax and still use it in another candle to trade out scents. You can order directly from my scentsy website and never even have to talk to me. This will be helpful for all your out of towners! You can also have a party and get free things! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today I started to sell Scentsy! I am really excitied to have some fun with this AND make some extra money!!! Please go and check out my website. You can order from me or if you would like you can host a party through me and get FREE things!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pray for Stellan

On the side of my blog there is a button for you to pray for Stellan. Please lift this baby and family up in prayer. Every prayer is one more much needed. You can read the updates on his battle when you click on the link. Take time now and pray!

On another note..... Carter now weighs in at 10 pounds 9 ounces!!!! YEAH CARTER!!! We are so proud of you keep it up bud! Mommy is also on her way to losing the weight Carter is gaining HEHE!

Blog Hop! Fav Kid Photos

MckLinky Blog Hop

This week on the blog hop it your favorite kid photos of your kids! This is exciting for me and in a way helpful too! I had to download all the pics from my camera and my phone to make the blog hop so it was productive. Carter is now 3 months 1 week old also known as 14 weeks and is such a wonderful baby. Ryan says God gives you the first one and makes them a great baby to get you to have more. My friend Tiffany would disagree with that but I am thinking he might be on to something there. Since Carter has turned 3 months I really feel like his personality is starting to come out. He likes to play with his toys now and can entertain himself for a pretty long time. He has begun to love his swing, his tummy time mat and his bouncy chair. Just this weekend we put together his exersaucer and while we laughed our heads off at the fact that he still is to small for it he did stay in it for about 15 min. I put in a picture so you can enjoy a good laugh. I am not sure when he will grow into it but I will just keep trying. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Carter

Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 Months

Carter is 3 months old!!!!

What is going on in Carter's World?

  • Weight- 10 pounds 2 ounces. You are still on your way to gaining weight!
  • Length- 23 inches long. You have grown 1 inch each month
  • Diaper- you are still in a 1 but when we run out of size 1 we are going to start on size 2 they just be a little big for a few weeks!
  • You wear anything from some newborn outfits to 0-3 months
  • You can roll from your belly to your back and sometimes that scares you
  • You are such a great sleeper! Your bedtime is between 8:00-8:30 and you sleep all night until 6:30-7:30. We love this!
  • You love to laugh! I love hearing you laugh and smile!
  • You can hold your head up now
  • You love to have time on your play mat and looking at the lights
  • You have a favorite toy. Spunky Monkey! You love to hold him and eat him.
  • You are eating better but we have had to change your formula to Nutramagien and that has helped
  • You like to go in the car and go places. As long as the car keeps moving :)
  • You like to watch the TV and all the bright colors. Mommy has ordered Praise Baby DVDS for you to start watching. I think you will like them.
  • You like to watch the doggies and sometimes we wonder what you are thinking about them.
  • You have started trying to pull your head up while you are on your back
  • You love all people! You will go to anyone and let them hold and play with you!

You are such a joy in our lives! We love you Carter

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Picture post!

Here are some pictures of Carter through the past 2 months! On Monday he will be 3 months old but we will be out of town so I will have to post his three month post when we get back! I hope you all enjoy the pictures

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Give aways

This great blogger website is giving away freebies and we all want to win right!!!!
Go click on the blinkie button on the side of my page and enter yourself to win a FREE monogram vase! It is so cute and would look great in our living room with hydrangeas ( is that how you spell it? It did not come back on spell check :))

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop- Things you don't know

This week on Blog hop we are supposed to put up three things that you don't know about me! Join in the fun and if you do let me know so I can check it out!

1. I have two little brothers that I adore that are 15 and 17 years younger than me!
Jacob 12 and Tyler 10

2.I am obsessed with Tori Spelling! I love her and find so much of myself in her sometimes. I own her books and her Tori and Dean and faithfully watch it every Tuesday night! Bet you never thought that :)

3. I hate getting gas for my car! I actually ran out of gas on my first date with my husband because I HATE putting gas in my car. Little did he know when he had to bring me gas on the side of the freeway that he should have run far far away from me then. But he is the best and that is now his job!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

12 weeks

Where have the past 12 weeks gone? Carter is on his way to 3 months on the 20th and I can not believe it. Today my mom and I went to have his weight checked AGAIN. He is 9.15 ounces. He went from 9.11 to 9.15 in one week. She said she thinks this formula is the key to his tummy issues and not wanting to eat a lot at one time so hopefully we will keep this up and he will be on his way to gaining much needed weight. However, to me he looks fine and healthy!!!!!

I am doing well since the gallbladder issue. Ryan took very good care of me while I was recovering and I am not taking pain medicine anymore. Mainly because I hate how loopy it makes me feel. One week from today Carter will be going to visit his Daddy Keith and Nana!!!!!!!! He can not wait! (and neither can mommy and daddy) Even though we will miss him for the 2 days he is gone :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

All is well....

I am having a nice recovery from the gallbladder surgery and I am hoping to be up and feeling much better tomorrow morning! Carter has an appointment at 11am so I will update you more then. Just wanted to check in!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blog hop- Leave a message :)

I am doing this blog hop! Come join in with me! If you are visiting my blog let me know what you think. This week, on TUESDAY, 7/7/09, the theme is A FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH. Post up one of your favorite photographs and a caption that tells the audience about it. Here is a sample:

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Dr. Visit check up

We went back for our 2 week check up Monday to see if Carter had gained weight. He had gone from 9.3 to 9.11 and a half ( I must include the half) My amazing Doctor who I love decide to up his meds to a full pill and switch his formula to something that is eaiser for him to digest blah blah language to me I just want my poor baby to be able to eat without being in pain and gain so weight! The formula smells really bad. Worse than the soy we have already been using. Sparing you details just let me say it moves right through him! BUT he seems to be having a little bit of an easier time eating so YEAH! Maybe we have found out how to fatten up our boy! We will go back in and have another visit next Monday and see where we are at.

Carter is hardly ever napping during the day but sleeping about 9-10 hours at night so I guess that is ok. All you mommy's out there what do you think?

We had a wonderful July 4th at Ryan's family lakehouse this weekend and Carter got in his first 4th of July outfit that my Grandmother bought for him. I am uploading the pictures tomorrow and can't wait for you all to see him.

I hope everyone had a great July 4th!!!