Saturday, November 13, 2010

Play Date Time!

Tonight we had a play date with our friend Lacey and her little next door neighbor. Carter LOVED playing with her and I think that she had a pretty good time too! I got a new camera for my birthday from all my family members and let's just say that I have already gotten my moneys worth in a week.

I thought I would take you through my week in pictures......................

                          Mommy wanted a picture but Carter wanted his dum dum!


Grandma Niece tells Carter a secret while he spent the night at her house!

I love to play in Uncle Jacob's room! It has LOTS of things I should not play with!

                                                            Acting like a puppy dog

                                                                 Mommy can I fit in here?

                                                            No! I can fit in here.

                                                                       Being silly!

                                                     Getting kisses from my doggie!

                                                              Play date Time!!!

                                          She wanted me to drive but I could not reach the pedals!

                                                             She was having a blast!

I pushed her to the door when Mommy said it was my bed time.

Come back soon!