Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carter is 1 month old today!

Today is Carter's 1 month old mark!!!!!!! I wanted to share how we are all doing :)

Can now hold his head up for almost 1 min
Can roll on his side
Can hold his paci in his mouth for at least 5 min (of pure joy)
Either sleeps through the night until about 5:30 or wakes only once at around 3:00
Is liking his alone time a little more in his swing or bouncy chair or just hanging on the couch next to one of us
Does not like to be wet at all! Either from spit up or a wet diaper
Likes to listen to the bathwater run full blast
Loves his doggies
Enjoys being an on the go baby!!!!!

What we have learned:
After the first 2 weeks things get a whole lot easier
Routines are the best thing ever
Carter does not like to be wet!
We can still go places even with a baby it just takes a little more getting ready
A swaddle blanket can be your best friend
Not only does Carter need to have extra clothes to go anywhere but it does not hurt to bring an extra shirt for us as well

Picture to come soon!!!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Welcome to the world!

Carter came in the world on April 20th at 3:46pm. It was a long day that turned into me having a cesection around 2:00pm. Things went really fast after they said I would not be able to have him normally. He was perfect with all his fingers and toes :) We had to stay in the hospital until Thursday since I had a cesection so by the time we got out we were all ready to head home. Wednesday before going home was a rough day for all of us. I got really sick and thought I would never be able to go home so when Thursday came and I was all better we were all really excitied!

Since coming home things have been like a roller coaster. He sleeps pretty well now, however, the first week was pretty rought for all of us. Now we are getting into a routine and doing much better. If Carter could learn how to keep his own paci in his mouth things would be GREAT! Just a few days ago we started to have tummy problems so I am trying Mylocon and little tummys gas drops to help him feel better. Have any suggestions?

On Saturday my wonderful MOM is taking him for the day and night so Ryan and I can have date night!!!!!!!! We are just counting down the days!

Here are some pictures we had taken of Carter. These are not all of them just what she has sent me so far. I will set up more as they come in :)

Two weeks of Carter's life and here are some things we have learned:

1. He loves to sleep in his swaddle blanket
2. He loves his paci!
3. Sometimes he will cry for no reason!
4. he can hold his neck up pretty well
5. He loves to look at the lights