Sunday, September 26, 2010

Look what I learned how to do!!

I did some work to my blog today! I have a lot still to do but it is getting more personality!!!


Words, Words, and more Words........

Carter seems to be making leaps and bounds in his vocabulary this past week! It is super cute and we love it but it is just one more sign to me that he is no longer my little baby. He is not only learning to speak his words but he is also learning how to sign them. This week in sign language he mastered the words Banana, down, and cookie. He can speak the words more, shoes, down, and half way say Banana. He loves bananas can you tell?!

Each day he seems to get more interested in repeating what you say to him and then saying it over and over again. He is also still on his kick of grouping all his toys in sections of his play room and bringing some to put on the coffee table in the living room. I am not sure why he does this but it makes us laugh all the time.

Ryan did not have football on Friday this week since he had a Thursday night game and that meant we could hang out with Daddy all weekend!!!! That was really a special treat for all of us. What did we do? Well we watched the first two dvd's of Lost season 6 of course. We are hooked on this show and now we have to wait until Tuesday to get the next disc in the mail. We also watched our Horns get beat pretty bad on Saturday which changed the mood in our house to say the least.

Off to play with the little one now. Have a wonderful Sunday. I hope God shows you his love today!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is it Fall yet?

Carter has a NEW best friend!!!

I love summer because I get to be off with Carter but boy am I ready for the Fall weather to hurry up and get here. Football season is in full swing now and we are trying to attend both nights of games but most of the time we only make it to the Friday night game. Carter loves going to the games and he is really into the noise of the crowd. Every time they yell he yells and every time they clap he claps. It makes me laugh to see him interacting with them so much. As soon as the weather gets a little cooler I think that we will make it to both of the games but until then it is just way to hot!

Carter has finally found a love for Gracie! Not that he did not love her before now but he really just was not that into her. He now thinks that she needs to follow his every move. He brings her with him by leading her around the house by her necklace. It really is the cutest thing. She goes with him 90% of the time and the other 10% she refuses by sitting down and not moving! He has also begun to use her as a stool to climb on the couch. When we see him do it we tell him that she does not want him to stand on her like that. We say that hurts her feelings but he just laughs and laughs and pats her head and does it again when we are not looking.

The hunt for this years Halloween costume has begun and I still have not found anything I just love. I am thinking that since his first word was DOG we should find a little doggie outfit so I will continue to search for one. What are your kids going to be for Halloween? I put up Carter's Halloween picture from last year so I could enjoy it all over again!!!