Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Frump

I am in a Fall Frump! I love the season of Fall. I love the smells, the decorations, the food, the drinks but I hate that Ryan is gone all the time. I love football and going to games. I really love it when the weather changes. However, I hate being away from him for so long. He is gone a lot so the boys and I have finally gotten into a good routine. It took this long to even have a second to sit down and blog. I would think about it but be busy or need to sleep! Things have finally started to fall back into place with mommy going back to work and both of the boys going to daycare. Carter LOVES school and this makes the morings so much easier. Collins is adapting to daycare and I really feel that we have found the perfect place for him.

Today is a big day for us. Collins has his re-evaluation with ECI due to being a preemie. I am looking forward to seeing how much progress he has made in the last few months since being released from the NICU. Can't wait to share!