Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just another day

Things have been seemingly crazy around our household this week. With the boys both starting at a new preschool, me in grad school, and Ryan's work schedule being different than normal we seem to have not been able to spend much time together. I guess it usually doesn't bother me as much, but with this past weekend being such a moment in time to our family, I have been more sensitive than normal. I wanted to tell you how thankful I was to all of you who wrote me expressing that my thoughts helped you not feel alone. It sure did help me to write it out but more than that it made me feel so good knowing that I'm not the only one feeling this way. Some of you had babies born early or maybe lost a baby. Thank you for being so honest with me and helping me to sort through this hectic time in our lives. While this week has been crazy.... I'm feeling so much better and so blessed to have our two boys who are healthy and happy! And while they may be a handful some of the time they are our handful and bring so much joy and purpose to our lives.


Jennifer Smith said...

So excited to follow your blog. You should check mine out sometime.

PS: your boys are adorable:)

Kelly Denae said...

Precious babies!