Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One year check up

Collins went for his 1 year check up today. Can you believe that it's been one whole year since he was born? I know that I can't. It could be because its been a rough little year for him. With being two months early he's had a lot of doctors appointments since he was released out of the nicu. In the past two months things have finally started to calm down. We have on average only 4 appointments each month rather than the 3 weekly that we had been doing. He weighed in at 16 pounds, which was only slightly under 1 pound smaller than Carter at 1. For technically being only 10 months old, he should be bigger than Carter at 1! This makes my heart smile.... He 4 teeth and is so long that it makes him look even thinner than he really is. She was very excited about the growth that he has made since starting regular food.

We are so blessed to have Collins and thank The Lord every day for blessing our family with him.

Update in food: tonight's menu was buffalo chicken potatoes from skinnytaste.com
I put the chicken in the crockpot before work this morning with franks hot sauce. It was good. I had yellow potatoes and cooked them like baked potatoes when I got home. Then we put the chicken shredded on top. Not bad! Not my favorite way to have the chicken but not bad.

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